I grew up in Gadsden Alabama but have resided in Birmingham for the better part of the last 30 years. I love the Magic City and have watched it grow over the decades and appreciate everything the city has to offer and its current economic development.

I started Silver Pig Creations in late 2017 making change jars in my garage. A certain little feisty redhead who means the world to me commented I could make some money selling the jars. So what started as a hobby rather quickly turned into a business from making change jars to wine cork and collectable containers.

At 52 I never thought I would be doing something creative that I actually love. Within a few months I had over a 100 unique pieces and my mind is always racing about new ideas and perfecting the containers. Outgrowing the garage, like many entrepreneurs I rolled the dice and moved the business to a 650 square foot facility. My sister thought I had clearly lost my mind while my father reluctantly provided financial support. Many late nights and 18 hour days, constant reorganization and attention to detail finally resulted into an inventory of 275 pieces.

Every time I thought it was time to launch the business there would be some type of delay or new ideas to make the business more dynamic and hopefully more successful. Long story short, after a year and a workable inventory, the business was launched in late November of 2018.

Each piece is unique and most have battery operated LED lights which really draw attention to these creative conversation pieces.

If whatever you collect fits in the containers have fun searching the various categories for the piece that speaks to you. My philosophy is it’s the imperfections, a crack in a jar or a missing piece that makes each work PERFECT. As in life it’s peoples quirks and personal imperfections that make them UNIQUE and why we love them.